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Igor Purlantov is a well known and respected animal rights advocate. Igor Purlantov has been an animal rights advocate for many years, and practices what he preaches. Not only is Mr. Purlantov a vegan, but he also only adopts all of his pets from rescue shelters and agencies. He has found that adopting a shelter pet is a wonderful opportunity to enrich the life of an animal in need while also bringing home a best friend for life.

Igor Purlantov has always had a deep concern and understanding for the welfare of animals around the world. He works tirelessly to raise awareness on issues such as animal abuse, neglect and poaching to make people more aware of animal cruelty that takes place around the world every day. He puts tremendous effort into reminding people of the great value animals bring to our lives and how they enrich our environments for the better.

Driven by his passion for animal rights, Igor Purlantov has been a major supporter behind the release of Lolita the captive orca. Lolita has been in captivity for more than 40 years after she was taken from her home in the Pacific Northwest back in 1970. Lolita was one of seven captured whales that was sold to different marine parks across the United States. Igor Purlantov strongly believes that Lolita should be returned to her home in the Pacific, where her mother still lives at the ripe age of eighty. Not only is Lolita being kept apart from her natural habitat, but she is being held in an aquarium that is too small and constraining for her.

Igor Purlantov is optimistic that there is enough support behind the push to free Lolita and other orcas from captivity. He looks forward to the day when she is returned to her home and reunited with her pod and family. Igor Purlantov has helped start and manage various initiatives involved with the process of freeing Lolita, and does not plan to stop until she is finally free. A large push to free Lolita and other orcas has come from a change in existing laws so that they can better protect animals from human abuse and neglect. According to Mr. Igor Purlantov, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people becoming interested in these animal laws. Many successful businessmen and women have begun donating large amounts of money all over the United States and around the world to support animal law programs. This money has encouraged universities to run programs and symposiums on animal law. Animal law curriculum is now taught in more than 120 universities across the United States alone. This highly accelerated campaign to teach animal law coincides with the increased sensitivity and awareness people are having toward protecting and saving animals. All these factors are encouraging more and more people to study and practice animal law professionally which ultimately benefits animals in need.

Igor Purlantov believes that animal laws benefitting animal welfare are increasingly seen in almost all aspects of law including constitutional, criminal, disability, administrative, environmental, international trade, torts, and trusts. There has also been a positive shift in the way people view their pets. There is now an enormous increase in the sensitivity of people who want to take care of their pets and make sure that their animal friends finally have a voice says Igor Purlantov. People now treat their pets as part of their family and often see them as one of their own children. With this increased compassion, there is also a raised awareness of animal abuse, poaching and the senseless mistreatment of animals that takes place around the world every day.

All these factors have contributed to an increasing number of people deciding to use laws to help protect animals and stop senseless abuse and neglect. Igor Purlantov believes that all of these factors are positive changes that will help protect an increasing number of voiceless animals. With this increase in compassion toward animals, there are now more people studying and practicing animal law than ever before. These people are now better preparing themselves to enter into careers where they can help animals and make a long lasting difference. As more people take interest in these issues, animals around the world should be able to benefit from the improvements made in laws that seek to protect animal rights. Finally, these speechless animals have a voice to speak up for their rights.

As an animal rights advocate, Igor Purlantov has supported many animal charities and organizations around the world. Igor Purlantov has taken his passion for animal rights to the next level by starting his own foundation to aid in promoting and protecting animal rights. He is the founder of the Spartacus Foundation, which was established to provide charitable donations and raise awareness for animal rights around the world. According to Igor Purlantov, many animal organizations around the world, such as Save the Elephants and Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre do amazing work each day in protecting and helping endangered and threatened animals. In addition to supporting these amazing animal charities around the world, Igor Purlantov urges anyone who is interested in helping animals to volunteer at their local animal shelter.

Igor Purlantov has taken everything that he has learned to succeed business to help further the rights of animals. As a successful real estate investor, he has now turned his passion and focus on animal rights. For the past decade Igor Purlantov has been involved with several animal charities and groups, which led him to start his own foundation. The Spartacus Foundation was named after his beloved cat Spartacus who passed away at the young age of 3. The foundation works toward raising awareness of animal rights and helps fund other non-profit organizations dedicated to the well being of helping abused and neglected animals and improving the lives on animals around the world.

Over the last two decades Igor Purlantov has established himself as a premiere real estate portfolio manager and investor in the United States and Europe. He now wants to leverage his success in the private sector to further his passion in helping animals and raising awareness of animal rights and well being. Through the Spartacus Foundation, he is able to raise awareness of animal rights and provide financial contributions and services to various animal shelters and agencies around the world. Igor Purlantov may be at the pinnacle of his profession but he is just getting started when it comes to making an impact on improving the lives of animals around the world.

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